Microblading for you in Germany, Wuppertal

Microblading originally comes from Asia and is currently gaining popularity worldwide. 

Microblading is also called HD or 3D eyebrows and is an alternative method to the established permanent makeup. Microblading mainly used for permanent eyebrow hairline drawing, whereby special pigments are bladed into the skin.

The difference to Permanent Makeup is that microblading is very superficial (ca.0,5 mm). Permanent Makeup is placed a bit deeper in to the skin (ca.1mm) and hold theirfor much longer. 

The more superficial the hair drowning, the nicer appirs the Microblading. The Pigment should be places exactly between the epidermis and the dermis and this exactly is the know-how of a skilled PMU Artist. 

Microblading is crafted not by a tattoo machine as PMU, but by a special blade called Manipula, and the color is manually pigmented into the skin. 

Microblading is our hand work and very individual for every client. LadyLike does not use any master plates or similar methods. 

Microblading is ideal for those who want to improve the appearance of their eyebrows. The result is very natural, regardless of the amount of your own hair. 

People who suffer from alopecia or have lost any hair after having undergone chemotherapy benefit particularly from this technique. 

Of course it is also useful for those who are just not happy with the appearance of their eyebrows.

Best results you achive by having a complite makeup crafted by LadyLike - this is called Trinity PMU